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Dr. Venitress Bryant Carrington, Smile Creations, Tooth pain patient Dental crowns, known as "caps," have been a long standing restorative dental procedure. Over time, this method of restoring teeth has evolved thanks to the development of more durable, lifelike dental materials. Covington dentist Dr. Carrington provides non-metal crowns that look so natural no one see them.
Protecting a tooth with a crown
The primary purpose of crowns is protection. Teeth are subjected to a great deal of force when chewing. This is necessary to break down food for digestion, but can be stressful if tooth structure has been weakened. If a tooth has been damaged by a large cavity or a break, the best way to prevent further damage may be to cover the entire surface with a crown. Once bonded over the tooth, the crown will act as a shock absorber to chewing force.
Crowns are also necessary restorations for replacing missing teeth. In a fixed bridge, crowns anchor the artificial tooth to the teeth that will stabilize the full restoration. Fixed bridges are made in a dental lab, where an artificial tooth is fused to the anchoring crowns. The completed restoration is bonded into place for a stable, functional bite. Dental implant treatment also requires final restoration with a customized dental crown to restore the look and feel of a natural tooth.
Inlays and onlays
Not every situation requires extensive restoration with a crown. When appropriate, Dr. Carrington will repair damage using a durable inlay or onlay. These restorations could be described as partial crowns, as they cover a larger portion of tooth structure than a filling. An inlay is intended to restore the chewing surface inside the points of a tooth, known as cusps. Onlays are necessary when damage has extended over one or more cusps. These metal-free restorations are bonded to the tooth, creating years of functionality.
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