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Root canal treatment explained by Covington, GA dentist

By Dr. Venitress Bryant Carrington | Blog Dr. Venitress Carrington and the team at Smile Creations in Covington, GA provide a variety of dental services to help with the treatment of negatively impacted teeth.

At the practice of Dr. Venitress Carrington, patients in the Covington, GA area can improve the health and beauty of their smiles. There are times when patients may need treatments to repair the smile after problems have occurred. One treatment, called root canal therapy, is often done to address a tooth that has been affected by disease, trauma, or decay. Having treatments such as these explained can help patients better understand the purpose of these procedures and the ways in which they can keep the smile looking great! What is root canal therapy? Dr. Venitress Carrington at Smile Creations describes … Continue reading

Covington, GA dentist describes the advantages of treatment for missing teeth with dentures

By Dr. Venitress Bryant Carrington | Dentures dentures treatment

Dr. Venitress Carrington is a dentist in Covington, GA who is committed to offering patients solutions for their smiles. If you are interested in cosmetic or restorative work, our dental practice has it all! Many of our patients who are interested in restoring their smiles after tooth loss may want to ask their dentist about the advantages of dentures. Dentures are a treatment option for patients who are missing one or more teeth and can be an economical way to restore function and beauty. What are dentures? Our dentist will evaluate patients to determine their candidacy for dentures. Dentures come … Continue reading

Covington, GA dentist offers lab fabricated porcelain veneers as a treatment option for imperfect teeth

By Dr. Venitress Bryant Carrington | Veneers Dr. Venitress Carrington, dentist in Covington, GA

Imperfections in the smile can have a negative effect on your overall appearance. Dr. Venitress Carrington is a dentist at Smile Creations in Covington, GA who provides a variety of treatment options for patients to consider. If imperfections are causing you to smile less or avoid others in social situations, it may be time to think about cosmetic dentistry solutions, including porcelain veneers. Our practice offers quality lab-fabricated restorations that are beautiful, natural-looking, and long-lasting! Porcelain veneers explained Dr. Venitress Carrington describes porcelain veneers as ceramic restorations that are made like facings. They are bonded onto the front of teeth … Continue reading

Covington, GA dentist explains the uses of sedation in dental treatment

By Dr. Venitress Bryant Carrington | Sedation Dr. Carrington offers minimal anxiolysis sedation

Have you or has someone you know put off visits to the dentist due to anxiety? Avoiding the dentist negatively impacts a patient’s oral health. Dental anxieties are common. For some patients, the fear can lead to avoiding the dentist altogether. Other patients stress and sweat through their appointments. Regardless of the severity of anxiety, qualified patients can find relief knowing sedation is available during dental treatment. Sedation dentistry enables patients to maintain their oral health safely and without stress. Dr. Venitress Bryant Carrington and the staff at Smile Creations in Covington, GA want to make your visit a positive … Continue reading

Covington, GA dentist explains what you need to know about porcelain veneers

By Dr. Venitress Bryant Carrington | Veneers Porcelain veneers are customized for each patient to correct discolored, misaligned, gapped, and uneven teeth.

Your smile affects your confidence level impacting your personal and professional lives. It helps you make a good impression and makes you feel better about how you look. Cosmetic dental procedures give patients options to dramatically improve your smile. Located in Covington, GA, Dr. Carrington and the staff at Smile Creations offer porcelain veneers to transform your smile. If you are considering altering your smile, our team can help you make an informed decision. Porcelain veneers Originally developed to temporarily enhance the smiles of actors and actresses, veneers are now available for everyone, not just for Hollywood. Made of porcelain, … Continue reading

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